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P2P Lending Platforms: My Experience With Peer to Peer Lending

As our domestic stock market has become expensive, we continue to look for something better. One area HIT revisited in 2018 was the category of fixed income. The high-level overview of an asset class worth more than $247 trillion has since led me to focus on the specific sub-category of [...]

DIY Investing Is The New Norm And Here’s 10 Reasons Why

The golden age of investing is here.  The internet, discount brokerages, and free index funds have brought together a trifecta of investing bliss for DIY'ers. My savings journey started 12 years ago when I retired from professional baseball and started work as an engineer.  My initial thoughts as a saver [...]

The Mailbag: CAPE Ratio, Hard Money, and Bridge Loans

One of the many benefits of writing a blog is the challenge of organizing your thoughts and having them questioned. It’s initially scary to put it out there, but as time passes there is a subtle switch from scary to educational. Our interactions have developed into a mutually beneficial relationship [...]