In general, to invest is to distribute your money in ways that yield returns, usually in monetary value.  Saving money is the most important step because without savings, it’s impossible to invest monetary funds.  You could invest your time, but it is easier to make money work for you.  The following posts will help you ensure every dollar counts.

Comparing Loans in the Peer to Peer Real Estate Market

Have you ever been sold on something too good to be true?  Just recently I made an appointment to get our van’s windshield replaced. I was told over the phone to bring a check for $300 and drop off the car in the dealership parking lot. After waiting about 45 minutes with three kids in tow, I found out it would cost closer to $1000, and I needed to come back later when they had the correct glass. If I had done a little more research and gotten a couple more quotes, I probably would have known from the start [...]

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Smart Diversification: 3 Steps to Take With Your Peer to Peer Portfolio

In my last post on Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending, I spoke about how we need to diversify, but we run into a problem if we try to just invest in everything. We have way too many P2P marketplaces, 106 to be exact, and so it is impractical to buy the whole sector. Even if we had the money to diversify across all the loans available in all the platforms, it would not be a wise choice as some loans are just too risky. Instead, we are constantly evaluating the best way to diversify. What do I mean by this? [...]

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P2P Lending Platforms: My Experience With Peer to Peer Lending

As our domestic stock market has become expensive, we continue to look for something better. One area HIT revisited in 2018 was the category of fixed income. The high-level overview of an asset class worth more than $247 trillion has since led me to focus on the specific sub-category of peer to peer lending. To my surprise, my sister showed a keen interest in the topic and as I started to dig, I found her in the trenches alongside me. We have since teamed up and researched over 100 different Peer to Peer lending platforms across the world. So without [...]

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The Mailbag: CAPE Ratio, Hard Money, and Bridge Loans

One of the many benefits of writing a blog is the challenge of organizing your thoughts and having them questioned. It’s initially scary to put it out there, but as time passes there is a subtle switch from scary to educational. Our interactions have developed into a mutually beneficial relationship of learning. We rarely all agree on financial topics like the efficient market, behavioral finance, and saving till you are blue in the face.  However, your rebuttals, comments, and suggestions expand and test my own understanding, which in turn creates better articles and mailbags.  So, without further ado, our latest [...]

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