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Personal Finance

Personal finance is everything that involves your money. This includes how much money you save vs. what you invest. Also, the ability to budget, home ownership, banking, retirement planning, taxes, insurance, are all part of personal finance. Financial advisors typically assist with personal and business finance. So personal finance relates to financial services provided to individuals such as when one receives investment and budgeting advice.

Fund the Roth! Now Open to All Savers

The day after our home flooded, I went back for a few essentials that did not make our initial rescue.  The trip began with a friend and I sitting in traffic for 2 hours trying to cross the flooded bayou and finished with us wading through dirty water for about a mile.  As we came around the last corner and I saw our home, it hit me, I had I forgotten the house keys!  Sure enough, after wading through the last 100 feet of water the front door was locked; the side door was locked; the garage door was locked; and [...]

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Buy Smart, The Mental Purchasing Model in 7 Steps

This year has been full of firsts.  It was the first year we started as a family of 5, first time we moved cross country and into a new home together, first time we lived through a hurricane, and first time we re-modeled our home.  With these firsts came forth multiple opportunities to spend large sums of money. We purchased: a mini-van a new home home re-model an 11 unit rental complex 2 angel investments additional equity in HIT Capital Each one of these purchases could significantly shorten or lengthen my family’s path to financial independence. The last three may [...]

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19 Reasons to Eliminate Debt

1. Happiness The overarching reason why we want to become debt free is that it can lead to increased happiness. Here are 18 reasons for getting out of debt and how it can lead to a happier life: 2. Complexity Eliminating debt reduces the complexity of your monthly finances. No debt, means no more: tracking home mortgage interest in preparation for taxes, worrying if your adjustable interest rate will go up, and ensuring your loan payments are sent on time. 3. Stress The burden of borrowing and having to pay someone back is taxing on your mental health. Proverbs 22:7 [...]

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The Top Bargain Hunting Site

With the shopping season upon us, let me introduce you to one of HIT Investments’ favorite deal sharing sites: Slickdeals. Slickdeals has over a million active members submitting, commenting, and ranking products they believe are selling at a discount. The members (myself included) and editors create an online shopping ecosystem that results in a never ending stream of product deals from reputable merchants. If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas, scroll through the front page deals. The front page deals are products from merchants that have made it through the gauntlet of community rankings, comments, and editors' reviews.  Let [...]

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The Mailbag: 4 Steps to Improve Your Savings

The steady stream of questions and comments from interested readers has led me to the creation of a new HIT Investments Series: The Mailbag. Since I write for you, I might as well write about what interests you. The mailbag will be a recurring piece that responds to your questions, comments, and concerns. There will be no magic formula regarding what topics are covered. It may be that many of you are interested in one topic or it may be that one of you poses an interesting question or thoughtful comment. With that in mind, here we go: Q: I [...]

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