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Where Savers Go to Grow

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Benjamin Graham, the forefather of fundamental value investing once taught Warren Buffett, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”. Since Benjamin Graham wrote Security Analysis in the [...]

We have many behavioral biases and the latest data shows that “home bias” is one of them. Home bias is where we invest more of our assets in the country [...]

With the shopping season upon us, let me introduce you to one of HIT Investments’ favorite deal sharing sites: Slickdeals. Slickdeals has over a million active members submitting, commenting, and [...]

The steady stream of questions and comments from interested readers has led me to the creation of a new HIT Investments Series: The Mailbag. Since I write for you, I [...]

Our natural human condition is to know and communicate the price of a product while ignoring the product’s value. Oscar Wilde once said “Nowadays people know the price of everything [...]

Loss aversion refers to our tendency to strongly prefer avoiding losses over acquiring gains. This behavior is at work when we make choices that include both the possibility of a [...]

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, possibly the most successful investors of our time, have regularly emphasized the importance of rational investing or just being “rational” human beings. When Charlie [...]

While your savings rate gets you to the playoffs (the race for retirement), making it grow will win you the championship of financial freedom! That's why it's crucial that you [...]

If you are even remotely thinking about retirement, our guess is that you have heard a number of vastly differing opinions on what decisions will most impact the age at [...]